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The centre has developed a comprehensive resource repository in the form of books, journals etc. in the thematic area "Panchayati Raj and Environment" in order to provide information to panchayat bodies. The database of the resource is as follows:

  • Singh, Abha Lakshmi; Sabir, Irfan and Sarfaraj Asgher – Rural Women: Work and Health, The Women Press.
  • Dash, Dhanlaxmi – Women Environment And Health, Manga Deep.
  • Ray, Ashok Kumar and Rajendra Prasad Athparia – Women And Changing Power Structure in North- East India, Om Publication.
  • Rahman, Zainab – Women and Society, Kalpaz Publication, Rs. 750/-.
  • Rao, M. Koteswara – Empowerment Of Women In India, Discovery Publishing House.
  • Dr. Padmanabhan, K. – Socio-Economic Status of Widows, Serials.
  • Ghosh, Lipi; Mukhopadhyay, Ishita and Suchandra Chakraborty – Women Across Asia, Gyan Publishing House.
  • Banu,Zenab – Disempowerment of Tribal Women, Kanishka Publishers.
  • Mishra, R. C. – Women in India, Authors Press.
  • Singh, B. N. and Sanjay Prakash Sharma – Women Education and Women Rights in India, Vista Publishing House.
  • Kachru, Asha –Single Women No Problem,Women Press.
  • Nagendra, Shilaja – Women’s Right, Abd Publishers.
  • B. K. Panday – Rural Development Towards Sustaibility (Vol. 1, 2 & 3), Isha Books.
  • Rao, Prof. C . Narasimha – Rural Development in India, Serials Publication.
  • Singh, K.K. and S. Ali – Rural Development Strategies in Developing Countries, Sarup & Sons.
  • Singh, K. K. and S. Ali – Environmental Planning for Rural Development, Sarup & Sons.
  • Reddy, A. Vinayak and G. Bhaskar – Rural Transformation in India, New Century Publication.
  • Devi, Shakuntala – Rural Credits and Agriculture Development, Sarup & Sons.
  • Soundarapandian, M. – New Economic Policy and Rural Development, Serials.
  • Ahuja, Astha – Agriculture and Rural Development In India, New Century Publication.
  • Dhawan, M. L. –Rural Development Priorties, Isha Books.
  • Verma, S. B and Y. T Pawar – Rural Empowerment, Deep & Deep Publication.
  • Jha, Prem Kumar – Education for Rural Development, Vista International Publishing House.
  • Ambedker, S. N. and Shilaja Nagendra – Women Empowerment and Panchayati Raj, Abd Publishers
  • Mandal, Amal – Women in Panchayati Raj Institutions, Kanishka Publishers
  • Mehta, G. S. – Participation of Women in India in The Panchayati Raj System, Kanishka Publishers
  • Singh, J. L. – Women & Panchayati Raj, Sunrise.
  • Sisodia, Yatindra Singh – Fanctioning of Panchayat Raj System, Rawat Publication.
  • Singh, K. K. and S. Ali – Role of Panchayati Raj Institution for Rural Development, Sarup & Sons.
  • Palanithurai, G.; Dwaraki, B. R. and S. Narayanaswamy – Major Issues in New Panchayati Raj System, Kanishka Publishers.
  • Singh, Virendra – Panchayati Raj and Village Development (Vol. 1, 2 & 3), Sarup & Sons.
  • Mathew, Abraham – Role of Panchayats in Welfare Administration, Kalpaz Publication.
  • Sudhakar, V. – New Panchayati Raj System, Mangal Deep Publication.
  • Bhardwaj, Prem R. – Gender Discrimination, Anamika Publishers.
  • Majumdar, Maya – Encylopaedia of Gender Equality Through Women Empowerment (Vol. 1&2), Sarup & Sons.
  • Polity – The Polity Reader in Gender Studies, Polity Press.
  • Kramer, Laura – The Sociology of Gender, Rawat
  • Dr. Joshi, Deepali Pant – Poverty and Sustainable Development, Gyan Publishing House.
  • Misra, S. N. – Poverty and its Alleviation, Deep & Deep Publication.
  • Misra, Yatish – Empowering People , Kanishka Publication, Rs. 450/-.
  • Ravi, R. Venkata; Reddy, V.Narayana and M. Venkataramana – Empowerment of People, Kanishka Publishers.
  • Selvam, S. – Empowerment and Social Development, Kanishka Publishers.
  • Dr. Sarkar, R. M. – Dalit in India, Serials Publication.
  • Chahar, S. S. – Governance at Grassroots Level in India, Kanishka Publishers.
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