16.Recycling of marble slurry waste for Environmental Improvement

Indian environmental Society has implemented a pilot project on recycling of marble slurry by setting-up a small scale project on recycling of marble slurry. The durability study shows that even after 25 cycles of test the strength of the brick are in general more than control strength. After 50 cycles. The strength values are even then within the range of control strength. In this publication there is a detail case study about marble slurry industries & its environmental effects.

17.Panchayti Raj And Self Help Group

Panchayti Raj and Self Help Group is an important asset for avoiding the poverty and developing our rural areas. Science a long time efforts have been made by the government and various volunteer origination to form SHGs in different part of the country. This book covers several existing environmental issues such as solid waste management, natural resources management including wetland management.

18.Cultural Heritage of Himachal

The study ‘Cultural Heritage of Himachal’ is an attempt to provide an insight into the myriad cultural patterns which exists within the state and which vary accordingly to the physical constrain. This study has analyzed various traditional aspects of himachal pardesh such as its history, its lifestyles its customs, heritage, festivals and fair and mannerisms. This report has dealt three broad regions, based mailnly on the elevation ranges.

19.Organic farming for Sustainable Development

This book is an effort to popularize the concept of the most environmental friendly technique of farming. Our mission is to develop sustainable and environmental friendly technique of agriculture. We hope this publication will be useful resource material.

20.Environmental Education for Sustainable Development

This book contain various helpful martial to create awareness among readers about various issues like air, water, forests, energy resources, endangered species, resources utilization. We hope this book will fulfill its goal of developing critical thinking and interdisciplinary approach of environmental studies among readers.