It is an interesting publication of IES, published in bilingual i.e. containing articles both in Hindi and English language. It concentrates on the relation of women with panchayat. In this publication, lots of case studies are given from different states (such as U.P, Karla, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Uttaranchal, Assam, and Rajastan) regarding the role of women in Panchayati Raj.


This is the complete Hindi publication of IES, which contains numbers of questions and answers regarding different need in panchayat. It also provides answers to some questions that point towards the role of panchayat in different works in villages.

8. “WATER”

The publication “Water” is an extra ordinary presentation of IES for society. It is divided into 7 different parts that contains different topics like definition, type and form of water, water cycle, properties and use of water, common water measurements, and about one of the major problems i.e. water pollution along with some innovative and simple points regarding conservation of water. Finally it explains answers for some questions related to water.

9. “AIR”

The Publication “AIR” gives idea regarding the layers of atmosphere, air and its compositions. It also deals about the topics related to air pollution, types of air pollutant, impacts of air pollution on plants and animals and some controlling methods of air pollution and finally, few question answer pages are also there.

10. “SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT”- An Introduction

Text Box: The Solid Waste Management (SWM) is the major problem now a day. This publication on solid waste management is an effort by IES in providing a deep insight on the issue of Solid Waste Management. Dr. Desh Bandhu, the president of IES shows strong belief that, this publication will be able to speed knowledge and awareness on the issue among masses.