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National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC)

IES has been associated with this Campaign from the last fifteen years. In 1990 – 91, 1991 – 92, and 1992 – 93, the Society was the Central Co-ordinating Agency (CCA) for all over India. During this period (i.e. from 1990 – 93), there was an increase in the number of organizations from 800 in 1990 to 2400 in 1993. Later on, keeping in mind the large number of participating organizations, the MoEF decentralized the whole process of the Campaign. The Ministry then appointed Indian Environmental Society as a Regional Resource Agency (RRA) for Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Till date, IES is coordinating this programme efficiently and effectively and has established strong linkages with large number of Voluntary Organizations.


The Programme: Background and Objectives

For creating environmental awareness at all sectors of the society, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, launched National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) in 1986. Twenty-Nine organizations located in different parts of the country have been designated as Regional Resource Agencies (RRA) for assisting the Ministry in conducting this campaign. Besides helping the Ministry in selecting the participating organizations, RRAs are also responsible for physically monitoring and evaluating the activities conducted by various organizations under NEAC in their respective areas. Indian Environmental Society is the Regional Resource Agency for Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The Theme for this year’s NEAC Campaign was “Solid Waste Management”. The theme was selected by the Ministry to create awareness among Community about the interrelated problems the country is facing today associated with water and solutions to overcome these problems. All the activities (action and awareness oriented) carried out under the Campaign were focussed on various environmental issues related to Solid Waste Management.


Progress during the Year

During the reporting period, the Society received 226 proposals from the organizations of Delhi and 1096 proposals from the organizations of Western Uttar Pradesh. Out of these, the Empowered Committee recommended 79 organizations of Delhi and 404 organizations of Western Uttar Pradesh. These organizations have carried out various action as well as awareness activities based on the theme “Solid Waste Management”. The amount sanctioned this year for the Delhi region was Rs. 4,61,000/- and for Western Uttar Pradesh was Rs. 20,84,000/-. 
The monitoring team from IES monitored and participated in the activities of the participating organizations in Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The Society has also provided the necessary materials like posters, IES publications, and training manuals on Solid Waste Management etc. for the Campaign. The activities and programmes of the participating organization were successful and it has been observed that all the organizations had followed the theme very sincerely. 

The Society has organized 2 workshops under this programme, one in Delhi and one in Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow), which were attended by the participating organizations from Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh. These workshops were organized to make clear the objectives of the NEAC Programme and also to discuss about the activities and programmes to be carried out during the Campaign.

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