NSS Report - Statistical Information

  • General Information of Rural India
    • 466 villages were surveyed in the 58th round of the NSS. • By 2002, more than three-fourths of India’s villages had access to electricity. • Non-conventional forms of energy were available in less than 12% of Indian villages.
  • Statistical Information - Drinking Water
    An estimated 50% of rural households were served by tubewell/handpump, while an estimated 26% and an estimated 19% were served by well and tap, respectively. About 70% and 21% of urban households reported being served by tap and tube well/ hand pump, respectively.
  • Statistical Information - Sanitation
    The proportion of households reporting no bathroom was much higher in rural areas (81%) than that (35%) in urban areas. A high proportion of households reporting no bathroom, reported their usual bathing place to be within their premises - 79% in urban and 62% in rural areas.
  • Statistical Information - Waste Disposal
    The proportion of households reporting removal of household waste by household members was much higher (94%) in rural areas than that (71%) in urban areas. While 14% and 12% of urban households reported removal of their waste by local authorities and by private agreement among residents, respectively.
  • Statistical Information - Common Property Resources (CPRs)
    Resources accessible to and collectively owned\held\managed by an identifiable community and on which no individual has exclusive property rights are called common property resources. Terms like “accessible”, “collectively owned/held/ managed”, “identifiable community” and “exclusive property rights” are explained briefly...
  • Statistical Information - Energy used by Indian Households
    There has been an increase in the proportion of hhs using electricity as major source of lighting by 13% (from 24% to 37%) in rural & by 9% (from 72% to 83%) in urban India since 1987-88. • There has been a decrease in the percentage of households from 74% to 62%m in rural & 27% to 16% in urban.

Documents and Data from Ministry of Rural Development (2006-07)

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