In India some backward villages still use dried woods from forest to use as fuel and grass . In these areas where there is no other solution forest are the main source of fuel and fodder. But in these areas forests are dying at rapid speed due to manhandling of natural resources. As this is one of the function of Panchayats to manage and solve the problems related to fuel and fodder therefore the initiatives are now taken by the Panchayats of the areas to manage the forests, these are called 'Van Panchayats' , councils made up of five elected people who set rules for forest use. Most villages have allocation rules that limit the time in which villagers can harvest fodder, usually 2-12 weeks also they ensure that only dried and fallen branches of trees should be taken for use.

In areas where technologies are available in the similar field Panchayats can help the local people to avail those technologies. They can create awareness among the local people about the importance of the new technologies like bio- gas and LPG etc. which are very efficient fuels than kerosene and fuel wood. Panchayats can also help local people in better utilization of the resources available, through use of technology like improved chulha, solar cookers etc. this would not only help the local people to save the fuel cost but it will also save the environment from degradation as these techniques are not only pollution free and eco - friendly but also reduce the health problems in the area. Panchayats can also help in developing new techniques of fodder supply which can reduce the problem of overgrazing in the forests and fields.

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