Dredging and cleaning of water bodies is as much essential as resource development of an area. The role of Panchayats is very crucial in this field. As Panchayats have a responsibility to manage the natural resources of its area and therefore they are the suitable authorities to perform this job. Dredging and cleaning of water bodies is necessary because the villagers use the water from these water bodies either for drinking purposes, irrigation or for feeding their animals. The water used for drinking purpose is not treated at all as villagers are illiterate and don't know the significance of treating the drinking water. This could result in spreading of various water borne diseases and could even cause epidemics and Panchayats will be most affected by these problems. Panchayats can form group of individuals to carry out time to time dredging and cleaning of water resources of the area. Time to time inspection of the water bodies should be done by the Panchayats to check the working of the groups. Panchayats can also help by using the funds allocated by the government for rural development in this field so that clean drinking water can be made available to the rural people where municipal water supply is not available. Panchayat should take initiatives to create awareness among the villagers about the safe drinking water and the importance of treating water before drinking. Cleaning of water bodies will not only solve the environmental and health problems of the area but will also give an aesthetic appeal to the area.

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