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CONFERENCE ON “EARTH SCIENCE AND CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH” At the International Center Goa- India, September 25-28, 2011

GLOBE Regional Office for Asia- Pacific in association with the Indian Environmental  Society  organized  the  Conference  on  “Earth  Science  and  Climate  Change  Research”.  The  conference  was  attended  by  the  scientists, research scholars, academicians, youths including students and teachers, representatives from  various NGOs and companies from all over the world.



Biodiversity learning expedition at Hong Kong

Thirty students and teachers from GLOBE schools in Delhi, India, visited the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in Hong Kong as well as the Hong Kong Wetlands Park as part of a Biodiversity Learning Expedition organized by the Regional Office for GLOBE in Asia and the Pacific. The expedition, sponsored by the Indian Environmental Society(IES), actively involved students in GLOBE projects and activities covering Biodiversity Conservation.


At Kathmandu, Nepal during November 17-21, 2010
The GLOBE Regional Office for Asia-Pacific  organized an  Ecology Learning Expedition at  Kathmandu, Nepal during November 17-21, 2010.  In this program, students and teachers from the  GLOBE schools along with scientists from India and  Nepal participate.  Mr. Vinod Shrestha, the GLOBE  Country Coordinator for Nepal had coordinated the  activities of the expedition.  Student, teacher, scientist  and academicians from India were lead by  Dr. Desh  Bandhu, Regional Director, GLOBE Regional  Office for Asia-Pacific. Following activities were organized during the expedition.


Indian Environmental Society has been organizing International/Global conferences/seminars/workshops on environmental education for last four decades. These conferences/seminars/workshops/symposiums are attended by participants from all over the world and have generated large number of follow-up activities.

  1. Indo-Thai Students Research Campaign on Climate Change at Goa, India

    Indo- Thai Exchange program was organized during the month of November 2009 during which 20 participants from Thailand visited India and the GLOBE students and teachers from India and Thailand share their ongoing projects related to GLOBE.

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