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At Kathmandu, Nepal during November 17-21, 2010
The GLOBE Regional Office for Asia-Pacific  organized an  Ecology Learning Expedition at  Kathmandu, Nepal during November 17-21, 2010.  In this program, students and teachers from the  GLOBE schools along with scientists from India and  Nepal participate.  Mr. Vinod Shrestha, the GLOBE  Country Coordinator for Nepal had coordinated the  activities of the expedition.  Student, teacher, scientist  and academicians from India were lead by  Dr. Desh  Bandhu, Regional Director, GLOBE Regional  Office for Asia-Pacific. Following activities were organized during the expedition.
Ecology learning at the Godavari biodiversity hot spot of Nepal
The students and teachers visited Godavari Biodiversity Park which is set up by the International  Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is very rich in biodiversity. Students,  teachers, scientists and academicians were provided with an opportunity to study the ecosystems  inside the Biodiversity Park. A guide was there with the team who provided the necessary  information regarding the plants of the park and other environmental activities going on inside it.  It  was an exciting opportunity for students to study the ecosystem related activities with the help of  their teacher and the local guide.  The Ecology learning expedition was unique opportunity for the students and teachers from the region to learn from the experiences of each other. The visit promoted the exchange of information  and experiences on GLOBE activities in the region.  

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