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Certificate course on Climate Change And Sustainability

Indian Environmental Society, a pioneer in promoting Environmental Improvement Initiatives in India since 1972 is offering three months Certificate Course on “Climate Change and Sustainability” with the aim to provide an integrated multidisciplinary study of a wide range of Environment related issues and their management.


Name of the Course: Certificate Course on Climate Change and Sustainability

Course Modules

1.      Climate Change and Sustainable Practices

Student has to prepare one Abstract(max 2 pages) & one Research paper (maximum page limit 10 page per Paper from the sub-module of his/her choosing from the above module

Topic wise Sub Module:

      1.Global Climate Change
      2.Climate Change mitigation in India
      3. Sustainable Development in India
      4.Carbon foot printing
      5.Soild waste management & Green house gascs
      6.Energy Development & Energy security
      7.Climage change policies

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